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    Dr. Jim Bowden D.D.S. Features:

    • Specialist for Children's Dentistry and Braces
    • Specialist for Adult Braces
    • Before and After School Hours
    • Great Customer Service/Highly Trained Staff
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    Dr. Bowden’s Office is Different

    When you come to our office, you will instantly notice that this is not a dental clinic.  What you will notice is a warm and friendly, highly professional atmosphere with personalized care.  You will notice a highly trained and professional staff.  Because everyone’s time is valuable, you will notice a highly efficient process with very little waiting.  Dr. Bowden has been a children’s specialist for over thirty years and believes with his professional expertise and creating the right child friendly atmosphere, providing children with a positive dental experience is easy.  When you come to our office, you will see Dr. Bowden at every visit in that he is the only doctor in this office.  This leads to more consistent and comprehensive care for your child as well as a better relationship with the parents.

    State of the Art Office

    Our office has been called the “Disneyland” of dental offices by many of our families.  From the toys and Movie Theatre in the waiting room, the video game room, prize vending robots, balloons to our famous soft serve ice cream, you will never have so much fun!!!!


    Choose the Right Dental Home for Your Child

    When choosing a dental home for your child, please make sure you are choosing the best place for your child to have a positive dental experience.  Positive dental experiences in childhood lead to better oral health care throughout life.  Unfortunately corporate dentistry has become very popular in the last few years.  Corporate dentistry is seen with the prominence of dental clinics on many street corners.  These clinics are only profitable when they see a high volume of patients.  Of course this leads to less time spent with each patient and the quality of care can suffer.  In addition, they advertise that they treat children and imply specialty care.  These clinics do not employ specialists and are not children’s specialty clinics.  They employ mostly young and inexperienced general dentists who attempt to perform specialty procedures on children.  Again, unfortunately, the quality of care suffers and the child is the unfortunate recipient.  Finally, they advertise the care is less expensive.  However, they accept the same insurance plans and bill fees for the procedures the same way the specialty care offices do. 

    In order for a child to have the best chance of a positive dental experience, they should be in a dental home where the dentist and staff are properly trained to provide this positive experience. 

    Please be informed and make the correct choice for your child’s dental home. Remember childhood dental experiences are critical in determining the dental health of a person throughout their lifetime.


    Dr. Jim Bowden D.D.S. Military Specials Offered

    We are proud to accept United Concordia-TriCare Insurance for our Military Families

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